Flawless Vodka was founded in 2005 by Jerrod Gutierrez. Jerrod had an idea to mix hard candy with the finest vodka he could find to produce great flavors and vibrant colors. The idea came to life over the next several years and Flawless Vodka came to market in late 2007 with the idea of superior vodka in superior packaging for an affordable price. The packing includes a solid crystal cap with a laser in scripted “F” and a mirror finish. Decoration on the bottle includes a platinum diamond with Italian black ink writing. Our ultra premium triple-distilled vodka is produced entirely from select wheat grown in the Beauce region of Northern France and extremely pure spring waters sourced in Provins, within the highly regarded Grande Champagne area near Cognac. Always produced in small batches, our master distiller uses exacting standards to achieve this extremely smooth and luxurious vodka. The ultra premium is on the market currently in Southern California with the flavors Canary Yellow (citrus) and Pink Diamond (cherry) soon to be released. Colors and flavors were produced by a master chemist that has produced multiple successful beverages currently on the market. All lines are at 80 proof.


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